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Getting Back to the Good Life.

Howdy, so this post is dedicated to going back to the roots of myself. I'm getting older and with that comes the responsibility of taking better care of my health. Eating healthier isn't so easy, but I'm trying. Having access to all these fast foods while I'm at work doesn't help, I don't drink sodas, only stick with chicken for meat now, and try to eat something green. Exercise is where I learned something about myself. Exercising with movement comes with doing things I enjoy doing. I started going to this park by my house because it had basketball courts and a skatepark. So, easy choice to just go there for a little while, and do the two things I enjoy doing. I shot the ball around a number of times especially to warm up and would hope to get some games, but no one shows up there. The skateboard side of things seem to have a crew that showed up regularly, which is great for them, but just don't feel it there, mainly the rough ground, I think. My experience with skateparks is also low and being watching and talked to is another. We moved to our house about 18 months ago and skating out front never seemed to be an option for me because it would look weird being the old man skateboarding in front of his house. Be as it may, the ground is smooth and flat ground and skating outside in front of my house is where the love began and grew for me. I want it to be everyday, but it's been steady for 3 days a week and for about 30 minutes a session. Tonight I landed a nollie kickflip for the first time in over a year, at the very least, probably 3 or 4 years if I'm being honest with myself. (can't forget how time flys by)

I got this feeling that that could possibly be my last nollie flip, and those moments can be overwhelming.

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