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A Lie

Recently, I came across a quote from Bruce Lee that struck me a bit. Not quoting it word for word, however the message he shared is something about how you shouldn't speak badly about yourself, even in a joking way. That it can become the reality that you cast on yourself, like a spell. And, cutely, he said that's why they are called 'spellings.' Anyway, I loved that, because, I am like that. I will talk lowly about myself, sometimes in a joking way and sometimes to lift others p. Truly, I do think well of myself, however maybe these ways of speaking ill about myself is reflecting through me. I don't look like my best self and that could be because of the way I cast spells upon myself.

It also had me thinking about lies. A lie is the opposite of the truth, or an altered truth, but in essence it is a truth. And, although it can start as not truth it can become the truth by it firstly being put out into the world.

I spoke badly about myself, although jokingly, it has become a reality.


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