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Skateboarding in the Olympics

Recently, I had a nice few days with my friend, Mark. Getting to skateboard around Brooklyn and skate through Williamsburg and Greenpoint, it was so nostalgic and fun. It's nice there and I can see why living there, you can feel a little more alive. The blocks are always moving with people, there's interesting styles and stores, old fashioned and new, and so many choices of food. The joy of these days also were helped by conversation, thoughts and realizations. Growing up we skateboarded and it wasn't about what was trending at the moment, but just a wooden toy that crossed our paths. I would skateboard not knowing that tricks were possible, and did it just to race my friend down our block. Forward some time, going to school, I met some others that skated, but most of them didn't really do it daily, there was basically five kids in every school that skated daily, and we all kind of knew each other, and pushed each other to get better. It connected me to a few of my best friends that I still am close to today, which is amazing. We all met through skateboarding and even today when you skate by another skateboarder, it's easy to say hello and just open up to one another.

Skateboarding has reached the Olympics, and personally I love the Olympics. It's so fun and interesting. It's world wide, and wide spread with athletic interests. It's livelihoods, commitment, passions, fearlessness and glory, and that is literally skateboarding. Then, talking with Mark we knew that we helped push it to the lengths skateboarding has reached just by being part of skateboarding history. What became 2 kids skating together, became 3, then eventually became world wide. I love seeing the spread of love of skateboarding like the way Sky Brown has done, even skateboarding in third world countries and inspiring any one she crosses. I look up to her and I'm more than 20 years older than her. I'm going to keep playing my part and keep pushing on that skateboard, and keep pushing skateboarding even further along. I want to let people see me, and make them want to try it out, because it's a beautiful sport just like any other. And, sports brings us closer to unity.


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