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I've come to a realization that I juggle too many goals. Looking at it from where I'm standing, I know that it can be a problem. However, I do enjoy doing a number of things because I have so many hobbies. The problem is I do not commit enough time to each goal and don't finish, or just finish entirely much later than originally planned. The real problem is that my brain is constantly working, and rely entirely too much on my phone to get information quickly and addictively, seemingly. The problem starts with constant worry about finances and wanting to make a significant amount of money quickly. I enjoy finding ways to make money, which adds to the list of hobbies that I like as well as combos into hobbies. I hear of stories about how people make money just by playing video games on twitch and immediately want to create an account and start streaming. I think this also relates to the fact that I don't think I like what I do, career-wise or I'm just not satisfied with the income I make. It seems like just enough to get by, save little by little to maybe one day taking out a loan for a home one. What I'm really hoping for is to achieve the life goal of doing what I love to do for work.. I'm getting lost in realizing what that even is.

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