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So, an update.. I have been spending time periodically the last year or so on A friend of mine streamed and asked me to go follow and support, to help get him affiliated. I did so and slowly grew to understand a like it. Really for the main ideas: you play video games, hang out with friends, maybe meet new friends and possibly make money. I found myself feeling an urge of creativity from this. As a lot of things often do, when something is introduced to me, I try to see how I can get other aspects of my life intwined with it. For instance, hanging out with my friends, we would often make funny characters up and say stupid silly lines or say fun lines from movies. While you stream, the viewers can make sound commands pop up and sound while you do your thing live. It's a tool used by many streamers and something I indulged in because it's always fun to just have a simple laugh with a friend. As I kept adding, I realized there was a great number of soundbites and it would be a good idea to add playable samples of them. Then, I realized it could be cool to allow others download them too. I figured I got some of these sounds for free from friends or the internet. I have made some my own and it would be cool to continue their paths through my own website. There's more than that creativeness coming through me. Making emotes is another aspect and the way you frame your own screen is another. This little idea of making different scenes to go with the seasons and maybe other specific games or characters came to mind. So much of the individuals we are is influenced by our hobbies and little quirks, and to incorporate that into the background of streamers screen might be appealing to others as much as it is to me. I created this little Christmas theme background that can be used for streams and something that I will use this coming month. I am selling this little piece for the time being and even if it doesn't sell the creative juices flowing through me something that excites me.



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