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Hey, Everyone!

I've gained the motivation to paint again. I've watched a couple of episodes of Bob Ross on Twitch and just enjoyed his overall approach to painting. His calmness and kind demeaner is one thing but the techniques he utilizes and teaches the viewers is great! When I used to approach painting, I always went at it with only five colors, red, blue, yellow, black and white. Which I know is all the colors you need, but it doesn't hurt to have more color. And, when it came to brushes, I would only use small bristle brushes for details. I'm going to attempt my own Bob Ross style painting and I plan on streaming it. I have a painting I bought from Home Goods that I didn't care for that much mainly because I know it was just a print and added a little glue in certain spots for texture. I decided to paint over it and use that 4x4 foot canvas. Then, I plan to possibly stream paintings on skateboards and then put them for sale on the website. It doesn't matter if they don't sell, it's creating content and something truly productive and productivity is the name of the game.


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