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On a Tuesday, March 10th 1987, I was born. I need to create some goals, and things to keep in mind for my 34th year of life. Simplifying things is number one.. I need to learn to silence the thoughts of what I could've done better or should've done instead. I have to stick to my gut feeling and go for the ride. I need to schedule my life better and have more of a consistent flow. Allow myself to have time to exercise, whether that's boxing, skateboarding, or playing basketball. I need to focus on my portion intake of food, especially sweets. It might be a good idea to carry a small notebook write down and stay on top of small errands I need to take care of (I know I can use my phone, but probably won't). With all the things I juggle, I easily forget to do simple tasks like call friends back or even potential clients. I need to look at my phone less and go to bed a reasonable hours. I need to give more focus on leftlow, displaying my work and trying to push more of my little clothing merchandises, and maybe look into a different type of clothing material and incorporate my own custom designs. I have to update my photo section on leftlow, too. I have to give more focus on Real Estate. I need to pick up the guitar sometimes and get lost. I need to learn how to publicize myself better. I need to complete my readings. I need to make more free time for myself.


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