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One Year Later

Howdy, Nobody. It's been a year since my last post, which isn't great. A lot has happened. I will give a briefing and attempt to post again within a week and blog continuously weekly. Since a year ago, me and my wife have bought a house and have been working many days and nights to make this place a home, with her imagination and my physique, and touch, and ability to be a man and a woman. We are expect a child within the coming weeks. We are expecting a baby girl and we couldn't be more excited. I feel like as a child is entering our life, there is an overwhelming amount of small ideas and thoughts that pass around in my head, like self care, and child care(our overall health and survival). Thoughts of how to guide her into all the small little communities this world is made of, like the skateboarding community, music, dance, gaming, etc.. It reminds me of a song from John Lennon called [Just like] Starting Over. It's a really great song and a lot of his solo work is solid.

I'm really being brief and I do want to explore more thoughts thoroughly and ideas I've had. I had one idea, which I'm sure isn't an original thought, but I'm sure overall it will be an original idea. This idea is to write a story and update it weekly. Almost like a series that you watch on the Telly. Except, I will probably write enough to occupy one's time for about 5 minutes or less. Although, the cool thing about this idea, it could possibly encourage some else to create this way and this is what I'm all about, and what this webpage is all for. To create and constantly bring something out of us that we don't even know we have. There were times when I would be sitting alone in my room and I would just allow myself to begin a sentence or rhyme that I had no thought of where it would go or end. Musicians would strum a single note and go to a second note, then instinctually a third.

John Lennon- How Do You Sleep. One of the best dis songs of all time. Dissing Paul McCartney.

Ok, Thank you.


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