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Lately, I found it hard to get inspired or get motivated to do things, or make things happen. This lack of motivation is due to me overworking myself to get some financial gain. In doing so, maybe I won't have to work as much in the future. Truth be told, I don't mind working so much, but I see the lack or production in my overall life. I see I'm not being creative, but just enjoying being around people and making some money. I have been able to get a few photoshoots going which is about the most productive thing I've been doing, which is good. Some of this lack of motivation comes with the responsibility of having the two pups at home. Having my wife be away on vacation I see that I'm constantly worrying about getting home at a reasonable hour so they can get walked without pissing in the house, and get some exercise. Them being home so long, they get really high-strung on energy not being released. Anyway, I'm learning that I have to get my exercise with these guys. I have to lack on some of the other things I love, like skateboarding, and make the bond with them stronger, by jogging with them. That's my new simple goal so at least when I do get back on the board I will not be so heavy. It's about time I get back to looking so sexy it hurts. Na mean?

Inspiration is hard to find.

Talking with a friend today, what I found to be most inspirational is doing your goals along side someone else. Each of you having goals and getting them going, and sharing your own progress to show each other we're getting shit done. Progression is motivating, but what's most inspirational is love. A love to do something. I pretty much have been lacking on loving myself as of late.

I've been on my own for most of June because my wife has traveled for work reasons and to see her homeland. I see that I have been better at attending to myself, house needs, and other things. I noticed how I've lacked on these things while she has been here, which is no one's but my own fault. Hope to stay on course.


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