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Just giving this the time is what's needed to make a new blog post. Somedays, I think of a topic to blog about, but never get around to it. Truth is, I look for things to write about and it reminds me of something one of my photography professors said. He said, "Some people want to take photos, but don't know what they want to take photos of." it sounds so simple, but when I look at a photo that someone else took, I think of that quote. Because, even for me at times, it's true. Truthfully, it takes the effort of looking through the lense to see what you're looking for. Same for this blog, or when I start to write, or at least used to. The point of this blog was to update about that I did a wedding photo gig, and I'm happy I did so. Mainly, because it was for a meaningful friend and the friend's family and I got to take part in the festivities. I think I did a half decent job, too, but I won't just post any of the photos without their consent first.

One other update: I have a lot of ideas brewing, about Left Low and the sharing of art and music. I need to start reaching out to people and see if something can come from these instincts. Also, I got to stay focus at the goals at hand and complete them.

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