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The Covid-19 days is nothing I ever dealt with before. It's an invisible enemy that the world is trying to steer clear of, but it almost feels like it's inevitably going to get us all. It probably already has, because we acted on this only two weeks ago but it's been around since mid-December. The best way to help each other is to stay home and away from social gatherings, but people are still out and even this pass Saturday I couldn't believe how many of the elderly were out and about carrying on as usual. The sad truth is that bills are an issue and especially in NY. You make money fast here and spend it fast. The money you make here is a luxury anywhere else in the world. We will spread this because most of us that are hard workers see this as an opportunity to catch up on bills and maybe even save some money. In El Salvador I heard of the President postponing all bills to the next month and giving free electricity and Wifi for all until this pandemic resolves. At least if you give people the peace of mind that they need to just stay home and bills won't be an issue people actually will stay indoors and who knows, maybe even find something new about themselves and try new hobby that they were itching to take up on. I'm currently working Construction because it's considered an essential job. We work separately and all with gloves and a face masks on. I'm not working at my second job which is delivering for Cascarinos because I found out my mother has tested positive to the Coronavirus. I have't made any contact with her other than a few minutes of a few words with her, however the restaurant is filled with employees that have young children and older parents. I'm following strict protocol with them by not working there for 14 days. The time I have at home now, I actually make use of it, fixing things in the house, painting some still-life, and working out. I've been eating healthier too. Some good will come from this, mainly some personal gains for some of us, but i feel like it will change the world as a whole. For instance, the way we touch so thoughtlessly, like handshakes, hugs, kisses on the cheek won't be done an frequent which is sad because who doesn't like a kiss on the cheek. Really, if you read my last post, you'll know I think highly of the human touch. Even my dogs love a little pat on the head. We'll see. Hope everyone listens to the experts on this and taking it serious for everyones' sake.

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