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Self control is so vital to achievement. Setting a goal and following through until you can move on is not as easy as it seems. Lately I've looked in the mirror and felt unsettle with what I saw. more than my weight gain I'm noticing I loss some of my self control. There are things I'm addicted to, things we are all addicted to but don't see it as an addiction. I'm going to go with my own experience on this example. Wake up, have a coffee, why not? Get some gas for my car, grab a chocolate bar, why not? Can I eat, grab a slice, why not? I want to relax, grab a beer, why not? I know why not to do these things, but the comforts of letting go and indulging is problematic when there actually is no balance of true will to not indulge in things that you actually don't need. I don't need a single one of those things, and I know it. My goal is to control my habits and show productivity in things that truly are euphoric. Doing the things I love, and with people I love. I can't just work my whole life, or I'll lose control.

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