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Empty is a song by the Cranberries. This was the song I listened to during my drives yesterday. I listened to it multiple times. It took me back to a time now which seems so long ago. It was a simple time when I just had my basketball and my old I-Pod. I used to wear a beanie so the headphones wouldn't fall out while I balled. Alone. Truly, balling alone made me really love basketball. I would listen to my music and before you knew it, near two hours would pass. I would make my own drills up, or sometimes I would only shoot lefty. It's all endless, what you can come up with with yourself and someone or something else. That is topic I would love to share in another update one day. I would ball to Fiona Apple, and listen to her albums all the way through, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, The Cranberries, or even The Postal Service. Full albums is an art. I wasn't the 90's, but it was a time I really zoned out to this music and balled and drained shots. Fiona Apple- Never is a Promise, Get Gone, I Know. I balled to it. On the daily. The best part about the park I grew up near is that no one goes there on the daily. Golden Park. it's the best court to ball in, because it was regulation size, not fenced around it at all and solid backboard and rim. I need to have some days there again.

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