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Reflecting 2020

An interesting year, a painful year, a worrisome year, a questionable year, a fighting year, an adaptable year. And a stressful year. . I learned a lot this year. I've learned with the sudden changes in the economy that you can see where things will thrive and where things may falter. You can almost adapt and put yourself in position to take advantage of it financially. I wouldn't say I did that, but I learned that this year. I can honestly say I worked an extreme amount of hours this year, which may have been unhealthy and not just because of the virus that's been lingering among us. I'm sure some people took advantage while some honest people just worked through it to make a living wage. We question the necessity in the measures the government took and who was actually the better president for our future. Truthfully, being a middle class citizen, I feel screwed either way. That's all I'll say on the matter. It was stressful for beautiful reasons. It was stressful because we worried for our future, for our friends, for our families, for the thought of not going back to normalcy, for the fact that we work so hard and knowing we deserve more, for not working, for thinking we may not ever see someone we care so deeply for again. Stress reminds you how much you want to keep moving forward and how much you want to fix things. Take a breath. It's tough to see that because you're stressed and once you feel that feeling, you can never forget it. You remind yourself, the feeling of stress, and pushes you to stress again and again. To maybe help any one person that may read this, remember this, we stress for beautiful things. We stress because of our expectations for ourselves to be high, for the remembrance of the ones we miss and love, and we stress for the fight of our own lives and for the lives of others. Stress has a lot of positivity surrounding it. I believe this stress and pain we all felt this year will bring out the best in us, and maybe 2020 did just that, in the most stressful way possible.


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