Can't Go Anywhere

I remember hearing once that New York is a melting pot. It's hard to understand what exactly the person that said that completely meant, but here's my go at it. A long long time ago, three lobsters set sail from England and got to New York. They made it a priority to work and do trade. They paid those lobsters well, better than in England. However, They were paid just enough to get by in New York. There money was more valuable nearly everywhere else in the world, but how can you ensure safety and a way of living in a new land when where you are is already a new land with the best richness that you've reached. Struggling, in the place you live creates misery and misery loves company. The end. That story wasn't suppose to go anywhere, and I'm sure you all thought I was referring to the 'red coats' -British, but I wasn't. It was just the first thing that popped into my mind. With the knowledge of knowing what's out there like Hawaii, why is so hard to go there and be free and make a living. Why does it feel like I'm stuck in New York, sometimes?

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