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A Week And A Half Ago

That was a pretty fine day. It was a day where I received thanks for a favor I did. To be short and sweet, I lent my car to my friend and he gave me a card with some tough words, some sweet words and some cold hard cash. I never wanted the cash, because I wanted to be a 'true friend,' and I made it abundantly clear that I don't want anything, just want him to get himself back on track. He went through a hard November losing his father, sadly. I did accept the cash, though, for insurance and wear and tear time.


Later that night, a friend of mine was a arguing with some person because she confronted him for littering on the street. He was a young kid and definitely got overly defensive for being confronted. They argued and said their last words and I stuck around just to mainly say 'Just do the right thing, she means well and I'm sure you do, too.' I saw he was still upset and was even shaking his words saying he understood. Then I said, 'Are you okay? you can talk to me.' He opened up to me about how he had lost his father recently from cancer. He was upset because the last few years, he would argue with him and felt he never got to really know him. I really worried about that being a reality in my life, too, when I was younger. I just opened up with some type of experience I endured and said to the kid, 'There's going to be times when you're alone with your thoughts, doing whatever it is you are doing, and he'll come and speak to you, and you will know it's from him that you received some words of wisdom.' He happened to be a skateboarder and I also advised him to do more basic tricks tonight, you don't need to go too hard, especially when skating alone at night. I said other words to him and got to know his name, but I really feel that I am being selfish with this post, revealing any kind of info about real heart aches of others.

Although, this was a significant day, and a day where you feel like you were exactly where you needed to be for a second.


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