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To be!? Or, Not to be? That... is the question. That line was ahead of it's time, and is so far behind the time of people truly grasping it. Then again, naturally, I over-think things.

I was watching the Knicks play some b-ball against the Thunder. They played so awful. They were just missing open shots way too mcuh as professionals, and making poor decisions way too often. What I also saw from them is that no one was really stepping up to be the go to man. Randale, kind of did, but every one else wasn't making a play for themselves, making themselve readily available. No communication, no tenacity, as Walt Frazier would say. There was really no confidence and no will to realize, 'this is my time to be.' Those youngster really don't know who they are. Then, comparing that thought to myself, I wondered if I really know who I am, and if I'm even reaching my full capabilities. Thinking, I have to concentrate on one task would help me be that one task. Althought, this topic, this focus, is not just about tasks in a moment. "To be is to do." -Socrates. "To do is to be." -Jean-Paul Sartre "Do be do be do" -Frank Sinatra. They were all right. However, The point I feel I can mostly relate through a philosophers quote is Aristotles, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Mental clarence of knowing who you are can lead you such great decison making, in with regrads of risk and reward. To be so presently minded in knowing the space you take in a moment can deliver such precise action.

I'll stop now, but, I may bring this subject back up for a round two, one day.

This is me just being a human doing. Til next time, see ya, human beings!


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