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Hey Everyone, it's getting hot out there and things are slowly getting back to normal and harsh realities are being shown more and more. To be brief, people are dying around the world especially in the US because of not taking Covid-19 seriously enough, and people are getting killed and hurt because of the color of the skin or the uniform they wear. It's amazing how people can be so radical and hold a whole race or all the police accountable for bad people making horrible decisions.

I wanted to contribute to a good cause and try to make a small difference in the community. Along with my wife, we made some shirts in support of BLM. Really it was her idea and I helped put it into action. I decided to help the cause, I'm going to help by selling these shirts that I designed and giving away half the money from each of these shirt purchased to a cause I believe in, which is the Big Brother, Big Sister. Helping those that are less fortunate to have a figure to look up to. It's really a beautiful cause and can help future generations build a more peaceful world. I hand drew these and colored it in like a child may do because children wouldn't connect these colors to anything, like police, race, sex etc. Children are golden in the way they are so pure and not corrupt until or unless they are shown to see things or think a certain way about things, and people.

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