June 4th, 2020 was a pretty historical moment for Whitestone. A great friend of mine decided to start a protest for the Black Lives Matter Movement. It was exactly what a protest should demonstrate. Unity. A group met at Flushing Town Hall and marched down 150th Street with hundreds of people to Whitestone Park. Police got themselves involved, maybe to make sure no looting took place or even to protect the ones marching from radicals against the movement. It was an experience I'm sad I missed out on, but I do feel that I had a place there because of my friend. The hours didn't work to my favor in this, but it's okay. I'm really proud of what took place, and proud of my friend for leading this demonstration. Image this, demostrating unity and bringing people together for he same cause. The numbers would rise, and the numbers would triumph. It's different now because the youth is taking the lead, especially with social media. It's bringing the movement into nearly everyone's home.

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