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It's tough to to be motivated to get up and do almost anything, espacially being an adult and money being the main drive. Lately since the Coronavirus has been quieting down I've actually been making more of my free time than ever before. I've been reading more, skateboarding again and even getting back into playing the guitar. I've been feeling more as myself lately and it's making me realize if i make a little less money and use my free time to get better in the things I actually love doing, it might actually be more productive, not just healthier, mentally and physically. I'm going to keep skating and getting footage of 'easy' tricks until it actually progresses to something better. My body is enjoying taking a few slams into the concrete like in the olden days, the Golden Days.

I alweays recall this one conversation I had with this Old School skater from the neighborhood at a local pub. I saw him and said, 'Hey man! Remember me? we skated a couple of times together.' He always seems out of it, and my friends nicknamed him Space Cadet. He looked at me confused and yeah, unconfidently with a smirk because he knew he didn't have to rmember me, he remembered skateboarding. I told him he's a legend and I always see him still skating around the hood, which is inspirational. Then, he said, 'Skateboarding always takes it back here,' while pointing to his heart. Alberto was right.

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