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Time keeps on ticking ticking ticking, into the future. Time moves faster and faster it seems. Maybe because we all, if not all, at least I want to accomplish so much, while giving myself time to relax my body and mind. We see the clock turn 5PM, we say I have some time to watch some TV. Then, it's dinner time. Before you know it it's 7:30 PM. You have your daily errands come up and then when you get to sit down and set your mind into a goal you see it's past 8:30PM and you realize you have to get ready for tomorrow. It's tough to make time for yourself these days, not just to relax, but to make the time to get that next wave in your life in motion. Lately, I actually have a little more time for myself and it's given me a surge of motivation. Usually I work 6 days a weeks and maybe had 3 nights to do something for myself and Sunday, but it's hard to concentrate on a goal on your one day off. This whole pandemic knocked everyone's schedule out of whack and has given me more time for myself now than I've had in the past 7 or 8 years. I'm painting more, I'm reading more and learning more to further my future and my families' future. I'm really grateful for the time I'm given now, and grateful that my loved ones and I have been fortunate enough to be healthy during this scary time. Always try to make the most out of what you are given.

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