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Bobby Fischer

Hello Everyone! Today is March 9th and it is shared with Bobby Fischer's birth in 1943. He was one of the greatest Chess players in the history of the game, and what was so significant about his time in the game was that he was a young prodigy and was set to face one of the other great chess players of their time, Boris Spassky. Their time was during the time of the Soviet Union and the battle of power in the world. A stage was set, a designated arena for these two men to face off and represent there countries, Russia and the USA. Both men wildly respected each other, their passion, theory of the game, and didn't care for the publicity about how each government was using it to show who was better. After this tournament of games, Bobby Fischer vanished. You can look at his history and see where he went and gone, but this post is about something he said that echoes through me. He said 'Nothing is so healing as the human touch.' I believe in that, so I touch. I touch others, ones that I love, animals, plants and I even touch myself. I had to add that, because I also think laughter is a great healing technique.

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