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Last Nights Dream

I had somewhat of a frightening dream last night. It start off with me hanging out with someone that I don't usually hang out with, we'll call him Froto, and we were both in a 'Las Vega' type of Casino. Froto and I gambled, won some money and went out to a restaurant to hang out and eat. On our way out of that restaurant I see a girl that I recognize sitting in the waiting area of the restaurant. We'll call her Dee. She was a friend that passed away about a year ago. She was staring blankly ahead and as I walked by I didn't interact with her because we didn't make eye contact. Also, I knew the truth and wasn't sure if we were in the same 'realm'. I wondered 'Does she know she's dead? Should I tell her?' I woke up scared to go back to sleep. I kept thinking how clearly that was her. I told a friend at work about the dream and he told me that Dee thinks she's being forgotten about and she wants someone to visit her and leave her flowers. I should go and do that, which I plan to do soon, and I look forward to it. First, I have to contact some acquaintances, because I'm not sure where she's buried, plus it would be nice not to go alone. I think about how much she has missed out on, the mysteries of life, and gone away from us so young. She was a good person, sometimes wild and loud, but always fun to be around. Smart too. For the rest of the day I thought about others I know that passed away, and one other that passed away at the age I am today pretty much. He was another wild one, and could come off as intimidating, but so funny and always knew how to laugh. We'll call him Bro. If people reading this didn't know, I spent time in my life as a delivery driver. Anyway, one delivery I was in an elevator with a lady and she asked who I was delivering for. I told her and then she said 'Oh, my son used to work there, his name was Bro.' I said "Oh I knew him. He was a good guy and we were friends.' Pause. 'He always knew how to smile and he was a good guy. I love him.' I could see the tears about to come, and then I said 'I was at the wake, I remember you now,' and then she said, 'yeah, I remember you now too, thank you.' He was always good to me and so was Dee. I have love and respect for them both. I don't think about them everyday, but I do from time to time remember our significant moments together and their individual spirits.

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