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Random Memory #1

I'm going to start a series of these 'Random Memories,' because I do feel that there are some significant scenarios that have taken place in my life that showed some kind of "truth." And, this story feels somewhat right for the time because it's Martin Luther King Day. A man I did a speech about for Speech Class in College :) . Definitely a hero of mine. One day, in band camp, I was playing the flute well. Wait, wrong story. One day day after school, I was heading over to Flushing Meadow Park to go skateboarding, which I went to go do fairly often in High School. From Main Street, you can take the 7 Train one stop to the park and skate there fairly quickly, and conveniently. This one afternoon I hopped on the train waiting for it to depart and it was packed like usual, but there was a two seater in the corner with one seat available. The man sitting in one of the two looked Middle Eastern and he gestured to me with a little scoop and a hand offering, "Would you like a seat?" I said out loud, 'No, it's okay, I'm getting off at the next stop, thanks.' He did the same scoop over and hand offering to the next 5 people that walked in, and they all just looked the other way and stood in the middle. I sat next to the guy, I felt bad for the guy because I felt his sadness by being left alone because of the way he looked. When I sat next to him he smiled, sat upright and whispered ' Thank You.' I can't tell you what I said in reply because I was kind of shocked by the whole understanding of it. I probably said no problem. I got off the train on the first stop, and that was that. I can only imagine what was going on through is mind, like 'Do I smell bad?' And, the truth is, he did smell a little. But, that's okay, he's not the only one.

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