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Hey! I had the pleasure of traveling to Aruba recently. I always find traveling and getting away from home is always a great way to reset and refocus on what you want to give your time towards. Aruba was beautiful and I spent most of my time eating, and swimming. I did spend some of my vacation reading. I started reading the autobiography by Elvis Duran: Where Do I Begin? It's nice so far, and it really reads as if he's just talking on the radio. He's an inspiration. He really makes you want to do good in this world, like him. I went there with my wife Karolina and one of my favorite parts was hiking in the national park: Arikok. Walking through the heat, seeing these abstract cacti, tip toeing in the caves while bats flew by our face. We would walk through pitch black caves and find these sun lit parts that were truly breathe taking. And, while one side of the island had calm waves for you to bathe, the other side were waves crashing into the island and making cliffs. Last thing I want to update on is that we purchased a GoPro 7. So, videos will be a new exploration to be excited about. Oh, and we hung out with Flamingos, too!


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