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Let's Get Em'!

Hey Everyone! This was an idea I had on a drive and I'm following through with it!

I wanted to design a trio of shirts featuring one of my hero's, Steve Irwin. Each shirt has a separate photo, style and quote of Steve Irwin. He really did what he loved and did it to educate us and ultimately save the wildlife on this planet. With any of the three shirts purchased, I will donate 50% of the profits to his Wildlife Conservation, The Wildlife Warriors. He worked so hard and sacrificed so much to help us know the importance of wildlife for our own sakes. And, I want to do my part and bring it a step further, by making us all contribute to his dream. Like he said, 'humans want to save the things that they love!' And, he's right! That's what I want to do, some way, some how.

This also brought out more ideas that I will get to in the future. I want to have purchases made through LeftLow be donated to the proceeds that relate to the subject at hand. Now, it's to the Wildlife Warriors!

Cheers Mate!

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