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Passion and Enthusiasm

Lately, I've been using some of my free time to watch some of wonderful workings of Steve Irwin. I'm sure many of you heard of him and are familiar with him being a fun, thrill-seeking man, belching "Crickey," and was always filled with passion and enthusiasm. He stated that's two things he wants to be remembered for, Passion and Enthusiasm, because that was the best way to teach he learned. The ones learning would take the passion and enthusiasm from whatever was being taught, remember it and maybe even that message he was conveying would touch hearts. Truly, he is a hero of mine. He donated every single penny he was able to raise to the conservation of wildlife. How many people can you think of truly do that? I could only expect his family to do that, too.

I know the gesture I will state later in the future, not today, will not measure up to the legend of Steve Irwin, but an idea of being a difference and making a difference really strikes me as being a main reason why we are put on this Earth. He said "We don't own the planet Earth, we belong to it. And we must share it with our wildlife." I focus to be a difference maker, a positive influencer to the future and to strive to keep the idea of World Peace as a possibility with passion and enthusiasm, no doubt!

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