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The Hustle

Hustling to make money, even to make a little extra can be the most self rewarding and self abusing thing we can do to ourselves. We work so much and it may not be towards something that we have a passion for or something we can build upon. There was a time when I was working 45 hours in one job delivering food, 8-12 hours a week delivering food for another restaurant and taking online courses. It was the most rewarding time in my hustling age because I was working towards a diploma in photography, while making enough money to pay for my bills and being able to pay for my school, that which I'm still paying for 2 years after the fact. Really, I didn't have to work that many hours, but a long with the money is the satisfaction of thinking 'Wow, I'm a hard working capable person.' (A little secret; My computer was set to Pacific time so that game me three hours each night to be able hand in my projects on time. My days were 27 hours long, basically.) Now, I hustle by being a contractor in the day time Monday through Friday, and delivering all day Saturday. I was also delivering Tuesday through Thursday, but that was self abusing hustle. I was making more money weekly, but with no production in things I would love doing the rest of my life. I was however learning a lot of the contractor side of things and how a business can be built and run, but my photography and artistic side took a hit. I would come home and sit on the couch and reward myself for being such a 'hard worker' by emptying my mind playing video games. Taking my minute in the day. Now, I reduced it to two nights out of the week that I still deliver and hope to use that other free night to put myself into here. Evaluate yourself every once in a while and know if the hustle you're in is actually productive or not. We can all do better with the time we have, one way or another.

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