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Living In NY

My parents moved here to NY over 40 years ago. They're Greek Cypriots, and they came to America when the invasion of Turkey overran the coast of Cyprus. My mother left with some of her sisters to New York and my father stayed and fought in the war. During that time, they would write letters to one another and ultimately when he came to New York, they started a family. This post is more about how things the cost of living here is so high. When you rent is $800 for a 2 bedroom you can only think that it's too good to be true. However, in Indianapolis this price exists. Living in the 5 boroughs it's hard to find anything less than $2000 for the same value of space you can get in other states. I was born here, but at times I look back and realize I'm just the first generation born in New York. I don't have to stay here and start my family, but I do have a lot of relatives and friends here. I do have a job and fear that starting fresh somewhere else could mean a great deal of less money being made. I think a lot of New Yorkers fear this, so we stay put.

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