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Hey, well it's been a long time since I pledged to Blog more. It just didn't feel like I could be myself in my writing. I added the Left Low page because I didn't want to feel generic. Left Low was and idea about putting all my life's work and ideas in my own little place. I used to blog as a kid and missed it after the site I used changed their ways, Xanga. My name was thegoatman. I wanted Left Low to be a place for my friends to put their ideas and work in a place of communion. I have some great friends, with the thirst of creation, like I do. We attempted it, but I guess Wix made it more simple to design a website that my second domain will stand, at least for now., the first was The original site domain was bought by some other person after we let it go, and is trying to sell it for money. As mother Mary once whispered to Paul, 'let it be.'

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